Beatrijs van Rheeden

Participant in ‘Porcelain Palette’, an international exhibition with porcelain art & design made by seven different artists; 7/9-6/10 2019 at Terra Delft Gallery.

Winner Oldenburg international ceramic award 2017.

Her objects show great passion for structure, a regularity within which she searches for irregularity. She initially works purely intuitively:fragile, hand shaped structures with an extremely thin, pinched up wall and frayed edge. Her masterpiece shows a new approach:the methodology is conceptual and the elements are cast from porcelain. The work invites the observer to walk around it and to follow the movement in the line and shape. Structure continues to play an important role in this stacked object but it is precisely the chaos she has devised within the structure, which fascinates her.

See Beatrijs at work:

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results