Japanese Spring

Japanese Spring, ceramics by 10 Japanese artists: exhibition at Terra Delft Gallery period 23 February till 30 March 2019

The quality of Asian ceramics has always been highly regarded in Europe. Formerly, that regard was heightened by the scarcity, the unfamiliar techniques and the materials used. But also by the themes and the stylized realization of the objects, which showed a high degree of perfection. Japan, especially, with its rich ceramics tradition, was intriguing and continues to be exciting.

The title refers to the time of year in which the exhibition will be held, but also to the introduction of these artists. Many of them have never exhibited in Europe before, so for them it is a new experience. The works are relatively small in size and vary in subject and technique. Taken as a whole, they give an impression of Japanese work and allow the Japanese culture to manifest itself.

Hidemi Tokutake was in 2019 participant in: Majiayao Culture Explored project China

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Showing all 9 results