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Focus on Guy van Leemput

Guy van Leemput (B), one of our respected artists, gets the attention he deserves.

As part of the International Trade Fair in Munich, Guy is invited to participate in “Meister der Moderne”, which takes place from 8 until 14 March 2017, Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern, Munich, Germany. Seven very new white woodfired porcelain bowls are on show.

This Sunday (Feb.26, 2017), he will attend the ‘finissage’ at Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Germany: “Modern Classics, Focus Vessel”. Van Leemput is very honoured his work ‘Big Lotus’ will stay in the permanent collection of the museum.

Thames and Hudson released this week the book ‘Clay, Contemporary Ceramic Artisans’ by Australian author Amber Creswell Bell. Guy is happy to be one of the 50 artisans in the book.

In ‘Neue Keramik / New Ceramics 17/02’: article by Yna van der Meulen on Van Leemput’s work.