Yixing cups, 12 tastes




designed by Gary Wang

This tea cup collection features 12 unique handmade cups, each one different in form and representing the full range of earth tones possible with this extraordinary medium. The Twelve Tastes Tea Cups are all completely handmade using only paddles and basic tools. No molds, not thrown on a wheel, each piece is a testament to the mastery of the artisan.

Zisha stoneware, is the rarest clay in the world. From Yixing, China, Zisha is famous for its beauty and natural properties. It is left unglazed to keep the clay body porous, so the essence of each tea slowly absorbs into the cups themselves, contributing to the flavor of each successive serving and making each cup full a truly unique experience.

Zisha made in Yixing, China
Hand wash with hot water only